DOM Security 2023 Results : Delivering Innovation & Security to Our Customers

30 April 2024

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Group News

DOM Security is pleased to report strong results for 2023, driven by our commitment to delivering high quality and innovative solutions for our customers.

Sales Growth Fueled by Market Demand and Strategic Expansion

Sales saw a substantial increase of 11.7% compared to 2022, reaching €232 million. This significant growth is a direct reflection of the strong market demand for our premium locking solutions.

The strategic acquisition of Viro, a leading Italian company, in April 2023 played a key role in this success, contributing €11 million to our sales. Organic growth also played an important role, accounting for an additional 6.5%. This expansion cements DOM Security's position as a leader in the European locking solutions market, allowing us to strengthen our reach and deliver even greater value to our customers. 

Operational Excellence and Continued Investment

Our commitment to operational efficiency remains a top priority, as evidenced by our robust gross margin of 67.5%. This financial strength allowed us to maintain strong investment levels (€7.2 million) while achieving a healthy operating income (€15.8 million) amid significant inflationary pressures.

Commenting on the results, Jerome Denis, Deputy CEO of DOM Security, said: "We achieved a solid operating income, despite inflation, with strong sales growth and robust margins, and continued to invest. These results are a testament to the strong fundamentals of DOM Security, which will continue to underpin the growth of both DOM and the Sfpi Group's success across Europe."

Looking Forward : Securing the Future

DOM Security's continued investment in R&D and proven market performance positions us for future growth and leadership, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted partner. With a constant focus on innovation, we aim to ensure that our customers have access to the most reliable security solutions, while constantly evolving to meet the changing requirements of the security landscape.

We look forward to continuing to deliver innovative and secure locking solutions to our customers!

For further reading, see the Sfpi Group’s 2023 Results Press Release and Presentation.