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Keeping your loved ones safe

It's necessary to have secure locks - but it's also necessary to keep security in the background, without impacting on your everyday life. That's why DOM Security has a wide range of mechanical and electronic locking systems that keep everything safe, but also highly convenient.

For example, one of our electro-mechanical solutions enables you to turn your smart phone into a key that opens highly secure locks with just one tap. All you need is your phone and you can open your front and back doors, the garage, the garden shed and all the other doors in your home, all with just one tap. You assign which phones can open which doors, and you re-assign them when necessary. All of which, makes your life safer, easier and more convenient.

Feeling safe is important

We all keep some of our most personal and valuable possessions in our home. Even more, home is where our loved ones live. It’s where they sleep, play, eat and laugh. So it makes sense to give our homes uncompromised protection and peace of mind.

Easy access is important

Nobody wants to live in a fortress. Coming home after a day of school or work shouldn’t feel as if you’re entering a prison. That’s why we have developed a wide range of home security solutions for maximum protection without impacting on your everyday life. 


Security solutions that keep your loved ones safe, without impacting on their lives.

Our solutions

Mobile phone technology

Our security solutions for home owners include keyless door locks, enabling you to open any door with just a single tap on your smartphone, for example.

Multi purpose media

We also offer multiple access solutions, just one ISO card or transponder for any number of doors, so you don’t need to carry a whole bunch of keys.

Traditional locks

If you prefer traditional cylinder lock solutions, we have a full range of proven and solid mechanical technology. Everything you need from cylinder locks and new silver keys, to cloud-managed systems and access by smart phone app.

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