How to provide a Master Key System to your customers quickly?

Easily create a masterkey system for your customers

Listening to your needs

With your concern to offer high-quality services, you want to make yourself stand out from the competition by offering a fast and efficient service for creating and supplying master key system. Devising a locking plan is a complex procedure that needs time. That's why a genuine race against the clock to respond effectively and quickly to your customers starts in our factory.

Our DOM-illico express service : your masterkey system within 4 days

With our DOM-illico service, your request for a master key system is handled as a priority. We undertake to realise and ship your masterkey system within 4 days from validation of the locking plan. Your primary mission is to devise a locking plan in advance to assist your customers so you can respond rapidly to their requirements. If necessary, your DOM consultant will support you in drawing up the set of specifications and will provide you with his technical expertise to realise the plans for your masterkey system.
And now, discover a new DOM-illico solution: your masterkey system extension is now also offered the 4-day delivery time, during a 6-month period.

This service is available with a choice of 4 cylinders:

ix Teco

Very high combinaison capacity, patented until 2038


Very high combination capacity, Copyright

T 250

High combinaison capacity, patented until 2027


Good combination capacity

- Creation of master key system of 100 cylinders maximum, without interferences.
- Maximum total length: 110 mm for double-entry and knob cylinders, and 60 mm for half-cylinders.
- Finishing of the cylinder: brass nickel.

Our expertise, at your service

Thanks to our products, such as the RS Sigma cylinder system, and their high combination capacity, you can offer master key system that are either simpler or more complex. This allows you to respond to a diverse customer base: public buildings, private buildings or institutions. You can take the lead in making them aware of the benefits of a hierarchy-based installation using Grand Master Key System (GMK) and Master Key System (MK) to reduce the number of keys for a building without compromising its security (one Grand Master Key System (GMK) per building and individual keys). Together we can create locking solutions that are efficient and reliable for your customers.

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