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Gaining new customers, increasing sales, producing new products… Running a wholesale business is not easy. In the modern industrial society, there is always a new product and new competitor in the corner, which makes it essential for you to stay alert and make decisions ahead from the other.
Because of this fast-paced company culture, we understand how important it is to have a partner that can walk with you, side by side. Not only that we offer high-quality products in digital and mechanical locking solutions, we also train your companies with our vast know-how and experience. By request, we can accompany your employees during customer appointments, where we can determine their needs and eventually make a perfect locking solution for them. With our innovations and knowledge, you will always be one step ahead in your business.


"We chose DOM for the reliability of their products and the quality of their services. The Service Center offer allows us to provide a quick solution to our customers."


Eric Dréno, company SDP

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Here at DOM we only develop the highest quality security and access solutions. Collectively we have a huge product range from cylinders and locks to panic devices and access control. To enable us to provide these solutions we focus on three essential areas of expertise: hardware, software and mechatronics. We are also commitment to constant innovation of our technologies, to keep ourselves and our customers ahead of the competition.


With our DOM XL Master Key software, you can easily compile, calculate and order your systems. DOM XL has been developed in-house to support our DOM dealers. It’s easy to use and easy to convert to an order, with many of Excels basic functions still available.

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