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A universal lock? Ask for the ND 10

As an installer, you are looking for solutions to help with managing your inventories and optimising your time on call-outs. You are looking for a lock capable of replacing all Euro profile single point rim locks. In short, you are looking for a "miracle product": simultaneously adaptable, versatile and universal! Our offer to you – the ND 10 lock: for use without constraints.

Guarantees optimised inventories!

The ND 10 is a Euro profile rim lock with adjustable backset and follower distance. It stands out for having adjustable backset, deadbolt and latch, making it compatible with all Euro profile rim locks. That serves as your guarantee of reduced inventories, a vital advantage for your business.

Universal locks

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Ease and speed of operation

Manufactured in France, this is the smartest rim lock on the market, because it allows you to resolve any configuration encountered on call-outs. There is a reminder of the calibration options on the back of the lock case. This will help you to easily select the right calibration distance between the forend and the cylinder. Moreover, the mortise of the ND 10 has universal deadbolt position. It allows you to retain existing strike plates, making installation quicker and making it easier to position the lock. Additional benefits?

  • Pre-adjustment, and supply of an Hex key,
  • The option to fine-tune the adjustment, thereby solving any concerns regarding bolt when the lock requires welding,
  •  Pre-drilled fixation holes on vertical models.

ND10 universal Lock

An adaptable lock: who and what is it for?

The full range of benefits detailed above makes this lock the ideal replacement product for fast, efficient and high-quality installations. The ND 10 can also serve as a temporary, yet secure, solution in the event of a failure in a multipoint lock where no immediate replacement is available. It is also highly adaptable for use on gates thanks to its adjustable deadbolt and latch, making it suitable for all projects on new-builds or in refurbishment.

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