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How to realise a Master Key System quickly?

You own a building and the establishment of a new organisation and your structure has prompted you to rapidly evolve your organisation chart. You’re looking for a quick solution to manage the flow of people better. As an organisation chart specialist, we have the answer you’re looking for.

A dedicated service : your masterkey system within 4 days

We are committed to providing you with a quality service always within the shortest possible time. With our service DOM-illico, your order is now a priority for us. It will take us only 4 days to send you your organisation chart after validation of your closure plan. This service is available with the cylinders ix HT, RS Sigma, T250 and K1 for the creation of a master key system of 100 cylinders maximum. If your priority is to define an access level for each individual on your premises, we will help you draw up your specification, contributing with their technical expertise to achieving your organisation chart plans.


Very high combination capacity, Copyright

ix HT

Very high combinaison capacity, patented until 2026


Good combination capacity

T 250

High combinaison capacity, patented until 2027

Masterkey system expertise

We design cylinders and organisation charts from the simplest to the most complex, for public and private establishments or institutions. If you opt for a hierarchical installation, of the universal pass key and partial pass key type, you can reduce the number of keys to a building without compromising its security. This means you have a universal pass key for each building and distribute individual keys per room. The DOM cylinders like the RS Sigma have an exceptional combination capacity allowing you to create complex master key system.

Download an example of master key system

From mechanical to digital system in a blink

By choosing a DOM cylinder, you can also combine mechanical keys and electronic access control. You can install our electronic cylinders on some doors while keeping your DOM mechanical flowchart on others. With the same key equipped with a Clip Tac, you access all the premises of your building.
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Create your masterkey system easily

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