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How to benefit from an electronic and mechanical locking system?

Familiar with using DOM mechanical cylinders, you are looking to modernise management of your entrances without completely changing your equipment. This is possible thanks to our ClipTag, an electronic key head that transforms your key into a card.

Marrying mechanics with electronics

The ClipTag enables you to take advantage of an electronic locking system whilst retaining your existing mechanical master key. This gives you the option to access certain areas with the card, whilst continuing to open other doors with your usual key. It's an efficient system for rapidly managing access by several people to a single communal room or a shared workspace.

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ClipTag, a simple and effective solution

ClipTag is very easy to use – all you do is fit the key head into the ClipTag. You can then control access to all your doors, whether fitted with mechanical or with electronic cylinders. The hybrid solutions of DOM - ClipTags, mechanical locking systems and electronic access control systems allow you and your workforce to open all doors, which you are authorised to open, with just one key on your key ring.

ClipTag is compatible with all DOM cylinder systems. To program it, touch the master-card against your electronic cylinder and then present the ClipTag: it is configured! You can also perform this operation remotely, using a table reader. ClipTag is a product allowing you to gradually install electronic cylinders, which can be more appropriate in certain situations than using mechanical cylinders. This makes it an attractive and fast key-in-hand solution for a large number of users.


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