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RONIS C4-MU Robust mechanical combination lock public mode


The RONIS C4-MU combination lock is ideal for areas open to the public. The simple design and comfortable, easy grip makes it an ideal solution for culture, leisure and sport environments.

The intelligent design ensures the C4-MU can be retro fitted onto almost any existing locker. They are also cost-effective because they eliminate the need for keys and the additional hazards associated with losing and replacing them.

Users can set codes with a possible 10,000 combinations quickly and easily on site. The dials automatically return to 0-0-0-0 once the lock is engaged for maximum security. Fitted with a patent protected detector plate, forgotten codes can be identified in seconds with just the reset key.
The lock automatically resets when the right code is set again and the knob turned back in its initial position.

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  • Multi-user mode (Public Mode): each user chooses his own 4-digit code, the lock is reset every time it is unlocked
  • For maximum security and total discretion, the dials return to 0-0-0-0 automatically when locked and unlocked.
  • Made from high quality material for a strong and robust product that you can rely on.
  • The security technology is unique to this lock and is patent protected.
  • Combination lock offering a maximum of 10,000 possible combinations. Lock rotations possible are 90° Right opening / Left closing.
  • Secured in place with a Nut fixing to make it quick, easy and adjustable.
  • Black finish is available as standard.
  • A reset key is also available which allows you to clear forgotten codes.
Right Hand Door
Profile Hole 5
Wafer System

Suggested application of use

Education, Offices, Wood Furniture, Metal Furniture, Retail, Leisure & Fitness, Right Hand, Dry environments



Security Type:Wafer System, Keypad
Available Lock FixingsNuts
Right Hand DoorYes
Standard Cam Family131100
Standard FinishBlack

Standard MaterialZamak
Standard FinishBlack
Body Length30.00

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