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The RONIS 10800 cam lock is built from high quality materials. The body is cast from a single piece that offers a robust and strong solution with a proven track record of offering a long life cycle. The core itself is made from Zamak and utilises Wafer Technology, providing affordable security for your application.

We offer a wide range of wafer cam locks to suit the market requirements. Depending on your assembly process, we can offer you the best suited lock fixing to ensure an efficient and effective installation. The cam also has a variety of fixings including: Circlip and Spun on methods.

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  • Made from high quality materials providing a strong and robust product that you can rely on.
  • Wafer technology provides an affordable level of security.
  • Available mastered or non mastered, they can be easily integrated into a new or existing system seamlessly providing full control over your security.
  • Offering a 5 Wafer barrel and giving you a possible 200 lock combinations. Lock rotations available are: 180º Left & Right, 90º Right opening / Left closing and 90º Left opening / Right closing.
  • 2 keys are provided as standard with a choice of: Soft Overmoulded, Hard Overmoulded, Hinged and Steel Key options.
  • Secured in place with a Horseshoe Clip fixing.
  • Bright Chrome finish available as standard.
  • We offer an extensive range of cams to ensure we offer the best locking solution.
Wafer System
Master Key System
Profile Hole 8

Suggested application of use

Metal Furniture, Hygiene, Retail, Storage



Security TypeWafer System
Available Key SeriesSH, SM
MKS PossibilitiesMaster Key
Available Lock FixingsHorseshoe Clip
Standard Cam Family4929

Standard MaterialZamak
Standard FinishBright Chrome
Number of Keys2
Body Length8.30
Full Length H (mm)12.00

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