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ENiQ® Guard S ES1 security reader for the application of 13.56 MHz Mifare RFID transponders and smartphone opening via NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy in the DOM ENiQ world.


The ENiQ Guard S is used as a digital fitting reader where convenient access control with high intrusion protection and attractive design is required. Perfect for your exterior doors and compatible for use in office and administration building, healthcare facilities, banks, hotels, education institutions, small and medium business, etc.


  • Integrated to ENiQ Ecosystem: ENiQ Guard S is ready to be integrated to your ENiQ access control ecosystem. Compatible with 13.56 MHz Mifare RFID transponders, with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC interface.
  • Highest level security: Digital ES1 security fitting with attack resistance class 2 according to EN 16867 for the highest level of protection for your door. With high environmental resistance for your exterior doors. With drilling protection for the relevant areas of the fitting.
  • Protection against extreme weather: Guard S is rated IP 66, making it suitable for your exterior doors and gates. IP66 meaning that Guard S is protected against the highest level of dust exposure, as well as against hose-directed water, heavy rain, and snow.
  • Combined elegance and security: With its' modern design, the Guard S meets every taste. The Guard S has three types of design: Slimline (suitable for tubular frames), Wideline, and Wideline with round rosette screw points.
  • Strong handle: Guard S' handles are guaranteed with Class 4 handle, robust and resists strongly against vandalism, fulfilling the highest grade of use.
  • Flexible and adjustable: Thanks to various types of screw connection and flexibly adjustable mounting position, the Guard S is applicable in almost all door situations.
  • High durability battery: The AAA batteries of ENiQ Guard S are easy to change with long stand-by times and high number of durability cycles (70,000 battery cycle).
  • User-friendly signalisation: Intuitive visual (LED light) and acoustic (sound) signaling indicates whether authorization has been granted.
Anti Corrosion
Certification SKG 3 Star
Anti Drill Protection
Anti Pull Protection
IP66: dust tight and protected against high pressure water jets; limited water ingress permitted and shall have no harmful effect

Suggested application of use

Airports, Education, Financial, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial, Medium to Large Sized Businesses, Offices, Plants, Public Buildings, Small to Medium Sized Businesses, N/A, Prisons, Gambling Machines, Cash Machines, Ticket Machines, Transport, Energy, Wood Furniture



Fire Resistant90 Minutes
Water ResistantYes
Patent ProtectionYes
Anti Corrosion ProtectionYes
Anti Drill ProtectionYes
Anti Pull ProtectionYes
Communication TechnologyBLE 4.2, RFID 13.56 MHz
Stand-alone FunctionalityYes
Data On CardYes
User Identification TechnologyBLE 4.2, NFC, Mifare RFID 13.56 MHz
Number of Inputs2
Number of Outputs0
Acoustic SignallingYes
Optical SignallingYes
Supported Locking MediaMifare Classic, Mifare DESFire, Mifare DESFire 8k, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Plus, ISO 14443 A
Programming MethodsMaster Card, Programming Card, Software, Smartphone
Battery TypeAAA Lithium
Number of Batteries2
Battery Lifetime YearsUp to 3 Years
Battery Warning AlarmAudio, Visual
Power TypeBattery
Emergency Power SupplyNo
Assembly InformationFlexible Fixation Points due to movable sleeves/screws
Standard Warranty2 Years
Maximum Operating Temperature (celsius)65
Maximum Relative Humidity (%)99
Maximum Storage Temperature (celsius)65
Minimum Operating Temperature-25
Minimum Storage Temperature (celsius)-25

SKG Star Rating3 *
Patent ProtectionYes
Patented Until (year)2039
Ingress Protection RatingIP66
EN 179:20083 7 7 B 1 3 5 2 A B

Surface FinishBrushed Stainless Steel, Black
Fixation TypeScrew on or screw through
Handle TypesL-Shape mitre, L-Shape curved, U-Shape mitre, U-Shape curved, Cranked curved, Cranked mitre, Ball mitre only outside, L-Shape mitre + ball, L-Shape curved + ball, U-Shape mitre + ball, U-Shape curved + ball, Cranked mitre + ball, Cranked curved + ball
Power TypeBattery
Events Storage Capacity in the Device2000
RFID EncryptionAES, AES-128 Bit, DES, 3DES, Crypto-1, ISO 14443A, OSS
Data EncryptionXSALSA20-256 Bit, Curve 25519-256 Bit, Poly 1305-128 Bit
Operating Temperature (Celsius)-25° to 65°
Input OptionsDoor open, lock status, ect.
Assembly InformationFlexible Fixation Points due to movable sleeves/screws
Handle FunctionsElectronically controlled handle on the outside, Interior handle is always operable, DIN-L/R adjustability on site, Upward handle movement possible, Max. operation angle of the handle 45°

Optional Accessories

Cylinder protection and cellular rubber ring

Cylinder protection and cellular rubber ring

3x threaded sleeve Guard-S

3x threaded sleeve Guard-S

Sealing ring Wideline

Sealing ring Wideline

Sealing ring Slimline

Sealing ring Slimline

Replacement set plastic cover Wideline

Replacement set plastic cover Wideline

Replacement set plastic cover Slimline

Replacement set plastic cover Slimline

ENiQ Standard Tag

ENiQ Standard Tag


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