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ENiQ AccessManagement Web-based intelligence you can feel


The new software has been developed as a single administrative platform for the DOM ENiQ® Mifare family. It can be used for the entire spectrum, from mobile programming with laptops/netbooks up to a client-server installation. An adaptable user interface that can be run in any standard web browser allows easy maintenance of any premises from small to large. With the software, access authorisations can be assigned highly flexibly, whether they are time-limited or defined through various special functions.


  • High flexibility and detailed features, like 255 weekplans, selfcalculating holidays & day and week schedule.
  • Free software updates, upgrades are shown automatically.
  • Cost efficient solution because we work without licences.
  • If a user lost a transponder, you program a new one and the lost one will be automatically removed from the system.
  • Flexibility in installation possible to meet your specific needs, without extra costs.
  • Database is compatible with modern IT structures, so it is easy to implement into existing PC's and/or networks
  • High chance that you can use existing transponders, because of compatibility with most Mifare technology transponders.
  • With online "living" software you can see real time changes, live event protocols.



Standard Warranty2 Years
Supported DevicesPro, Guardian, AccessManager, AccessManager Terminal, AccessManager ITT, RF NetManager
Supported Programming DevicesLaptop with Software
Supported Operating SystemsWindows: 7, 8.1, 10, Windows Server: 2003, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 (not Home Edition)
Modes of OperationOnline, Data on Card, Offline
User InterfaceComfortable and powerful interface. User-specific customizable via fixed roles.

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