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ELC 13 to 18 From 13 to 18 cylinders


The ELC range of exchange boxes controls more complex shutdown procedures, by bringing together a series of keys, trapping them inside the exchange box, before releasing a final key in accordance with your shutdown protocol. There can be many options on the configuration of trapped keys and released keys from the ELC Range,. Offering complete control on a system shutdown. We offer a wide range of ELC exchange boxes to cover your project requirements.

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  • Protect people and equipments against medium and high voltage hazards but also against improper operations
  • Our range is made 100% out of metal : boxes made of stainless steel, brass pin cylinders and brass keys for a long lifetime, even in an aggressive environment
  • Large choice of locking combinations : 6 keys series with more than 81.000 possible combinations to ensure the highest level of security in sensitive environments
  • Made in France by the original equipment manufacturer and and the know-how of an experienced team of people
  • Easy to install : no wiring
  • Comprehensive and adaptable product range to support all your applications and future requirements
  • Made from high quality materials, with a choice of finishes that provide a strong and robust product that you can rely on


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