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Ticket machine solutions

Locking solutions for ticket vending machines

DOM-RONIS offers vending machine locking solutions, designed for all the different types of ticket machines. 

Our solutions:

Parking equipment

Different types of automated machines can be found in indoor and outdoor parking areas. These equipments are used to withdraw a parking ticket and to pay for parking when exiting. DOM-RONIS develops locking solutions that are particularly adapted to this application, with a long lifetime to resist high traffic frequency, as well as a water protection.

Locks for parking ticket machines

Transport equipment

Ticket vending machines are essential in all places related to the transport sector: airport, train station, bus and subway... They dispense tickets or boarding pass to users, sometimes 24 hours a day. To secure this equipment, which is an integral part of often complex organizations, we provide locks that fit into your masterkey systems, for total security and control. 

Locks for transport ticket machines

Leisure equipment

More generally, ticket machines are present in various places of leisure and culture: cinemas, museums, theme parks or amusement parks... The security of this equipment should not be neglected. With our experience in locking automated machines, we help you secure this equipment with easy-to-use solutions that facilitate organisation issues for players in the leisure sector.

Locks for leisure ticket machines

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