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Food dispensers solutions

Locks designed for food vending machines

DOM-RONIS offers vending machine locking solutions, designed for all the different types of food vending machines or food dispensers. 

Our solutions:

Drink vending machines

Hot drinks, coffee, soft drinks... They are delivered all day long by the drink machines found in all types of public areas : service station, airport, train station or subway platform.

The manufacturers of these machines are well aware that their maintenance is a major challenge. This is why DOM-RONIS offers locking products that are not only reliable and secure, but also help reduce complexity for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and drink machine users.

Locks for drink vending machines

Food dispensers

Food vending machines or food dispensers are also a staple in public facilities such as airports, service stations, train and subway stations and platforms. These machines are heavily used by commuters who want to buy snacks while in these transit areas. Therefore, we have developed locking products and specifically cam locks that are highly resistant to secure food dispensers for a long lifetime. 

Locks for food dispensers and food vending machines

Hi-tech dispensers

In large, high-traffic public places such as airports, "hi-tech" dispensers have become more and more used in recent years. 

DOM-RONIS supports its manufacturer customers in the evolution of their needs, with locking solutions dedicated to this new type of equipment, for example with our modular systems that offer more flexibility.
We are particularly experienced in securing phone charging stations, as for our customer Welock.

Read more about the Welock customer story!

Locking solutions for hi-tech dispensers and phone charging stations

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