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Furniture locks

Locking solutions for furniture

The locking solutions designed by DOM-RONIS are ideal for equipping all types of furniture. Discover the different types of furniture on which manufacturers can easily integrate DOM-RONIS locks.

Our solutions :

Office furniture

In office environments and in the tertiary sector, the security of furniture such as office cupboards, sliding door cabinets, filing cabinets or even office storage units is essential. They may contain important or confidential documents, or even sensitive equipment.

For this purpose, DOM-RONIS offers a wide range of mechanical products such as wafer locks, a historical know-how of ours, such as the RONIS 911 cam lock, the complete 4R range or the Clipeo handle for metal furniture.

Whatever the specifications or type of furniture designed by a manufacturer, whether it is wooden or metal furniture, or even glass doors, our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions are ideal for locking them. And our design office is always at your service to develop the perfect custom solution for your project.

The reliability of DOM-RONIS security systems makes them particularly suitable for medical furniture in health centres, medical practices and hospitals.

Locks for office furniture

Locking solutions for office furniture

Workshop furniture

Both robust and flexible, DOM-RONIS mechanical and electronic solutions also allow to reliably secure different types of workshop furniture such as workshop cabinets, electrical cabinets, workshop trolleys or tool trolleys, workbenches, and even lockers that can be found in workshops and factories.

In the distribution sector and particularly in warehouses, cam locks ensure total security for storage or shelving furniture such as storage containers.

Our range of locking solutions also has applications in data centres type furniture: we can secure with robust and innovative solutions furniture such as server cabinets or server racks, as well as computer racks. 

Locks for workshop furniture

Locking solutions for workshop furniture


As you can see, the modularity of DOM-RONIS locking products means they can be adapted to many different types of environment, including changing rooms and locker rooms in all kinds of sectors.

A locker room obviously has a special security requirement, as it holds personal belongings and even valuables. In order to protect goods in communal locker rooms within the professional environment, DOM-RONIS offers a complete range of locks, suited to workshop locker rooms (both for the dirty industry and clean industry), staff changing rooms, office lockers and even firemen's locker rooms.

Communal lockers also require foolproof security. The C4 code lock, for example, is a reliable and easy-to-use solution that is ideal for securing swimming pool lockers, all sports lockers, leisure lockers (spas, hotels, etc.) and school lockers.
And for an even greater level of global security, DOM-RONIS has developed electronic locking solutions such as the RONIS Tronic Pro Inspiration electronic code lock, or the new ENiQ LoQ smart digital lock, which offers you all the benefits of electronic access control applied to lockers and locker rooms.

Locks for locker rooms

Lockers and locker rooms solutions

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