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Locking for mailboxes

Locking for mailboxes, deposit and parcel boxes

Sending mail and parcels by post obviously requires the most robust security possible. And with the tremendous development of online shopping, the need to secure mailboxes and parcel boxes is even more important. With its dedicated locking solutions, DOM-RONIS is your ideal partner to equip and secure all types of mailboxes in a simple and reliable way.


A mailbox is a standardized metal or plastic container, collective or individual, intended to receive mail or small parcels. According to the standards in application, mailbox locks can be mounted on a local or national key system, in order to allow the distribution of mail in complete safety.

DOM-RONIS is a historical partner of all European mailboxes and drop boxes manufacturers. Our locking systems range includes handles and cam locks particularly adapted for metal furniture, to secure efficiently all types of mailboxes.

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Discover our locking solutions for collective mailboxes

Parcel lockers and pickup lockers

Aware of the evolution in consumer habits and eager to meet the new security needs of our industrial manufacturer customers, DOM-RONIS has developed autonomous and connected locking solutions for lockers and parcel collection points.

These electronic locks, based on powerful communication technologies such as RFID and NFC, offer the end-user more flexibility to drop off and pick up a parcel. DOM-RONIS' digital locking products for pickup and parcel lockers allow you to better address the growing needs of e-commerce, while guaranteeing a very high level of security.

In the distribution sector, our locking solutions enable retail outlets to facilitate the logistics management of incoming parcels, and to implement an efficient Click & Collect service.


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