Interlocking Systems

Developed to protect people and equipment

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Guarantee of quality, reliability and robustness

RONIS Interlocking Systems are developed to support the protection of personnel using high voltage equipment and to prevent damage to equipment due to incorrect operations.

The principle is to take into consideration all safety issues, surrounding the protection of life. It follows a step by step protocol that takes into consideration the safe shutdown procedure.

The risk is controlled by a lock and dedicated key, with each key supporting the shutdown procedure to ensure a safe deactivation and reactivation of the safety system. Our Trapped Key technology offers the safest solution today, with robust engineering mechanical locking systems that avoid human error, as a set protocol ensuring the correct shutdown process is carried out, every time.

The benefits of RONIS Interlocking Systems

    Every single product in our range of interlocking systems is developed to protect people and equipment.

    Made in France by the original manufacturer and experienced people.
    Large choice of locking combinations: 6 keys series with more than 81.000 possible combinations.

    Comprehensive range to support all your applications and future requirements.
    Our range are made 100% out of metal: boxes made of stainless steel, brass pin cylinders and brass keys for a long lifetime, even in aggressive environment.

    No wiring needed.

The right solution for your industry

With its experience as a preferred partner of industry players, DOM-RONIS understands the issues related to your industrial sector.  That’s why we develop the security solution that best suits your needs.


DOM-RONIS offers a range of reliable and robust locking products to protect people and assets in the various segments of the energy sector: 

  • Electrical enclosures, electrical panels, electrical cabinets.
  • Energy conversion and renewable energies: wind power, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, nuclear.
  • Server racks and storage, data centers, networks and telecommunications.
  • Switches, knobs and push locks for tailormade integration.


Industrial environments are the core business of DOM-RONIS. Our wide range of locking systems allows us to provide you with standard or custom-made solutions, designed for the constraints and extreme conditions of the industry.  RONIS locking solutions are adapted to all types of industrial sites and existing machines, with various applications such as :

  • Clean industry
  • Dirty industry
  • Machines and equipment protection
  • Workshop areas protection
  • Locking for workshop furniture


    For our customers in the transport sector and particularly in the railway sector, DOM-RONIS designs specific safety solutions, adapted to the different infrastructures and applications: 

    • Cars and trucks
    • Elevators
    • Bicycles
    • Railways

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    Discover the interlocking product range

    Bolt Locks (EL)

    The EL range is a latch bolt lock. Various model available with one, two, three and four cylinders that control one or two bolts, used to lock and control disconnectors or earthing switches.
    We offer two options with the Bolt Position (in or out) determines the position of the key (captive or free). Also available with electrical switch within ELN range.

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    Door Locks (ELP)

    The ELP range are door locks used on both access points (hatches, doors, transformers, etc.) but also of heads of transducers.
    The key can not be removed when the electrical equipment door lock is opened and the stricker plate is not introduced. The key can only be turned and removed when the door is closed. Depending on access requirements for the lock, it is possible to have one, two or three cylinders on the door lock.

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    Key Exchange Boxes (ELC)

    The ELC range is an exchange box which manages series of keys, trapping and releasing a final key in accordance with your shutdown protocol. There can be many options on the configuration of trapped key and released keys from the ELC range, depending on the size of the system. The minimum number of cylinders on an ELC box is two.

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    Cam Locks

    Cam locks are used for the mechanical locking of circuit-breaker switches, inverters, disconnecting switches and earthing switches of most medium voltage cells, transformers, etc.
    They mainly fit to the control panel and support the first phase or final phase of the interlocking process. We offer a dedicated range of cam locks that are compatible for your application.

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