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Solutions to protect equipment and people in the energy sector

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The energy sector is characterized by sensitive environments, which must be perfectly secured. Discover the locking solutions developed by DOM-RONIS to protect equipment and people in every situation:

Electrical equipment

DOM-RONIS designs locking products such as cam locks and insert locks for robust boxes: electrical boxes, electrical panels and electrical cabinets. These equipments, used to protect electrical and electronic components, or switchgear, can also be secured with our T-shaped or L-shaped handles.

Depending on the configuration of the switchboard or electrical cabinet, manufacturers can choose the most suitable locking solution, from flush mounted handles to wing handles. In addition to mechanical locks, DOM-RONIS also offers digital locks to secure your electrical equipment with the highest technology on the market.

Discover also the whole range of interlocking locks, designed to secure environments and components with high electrical voltage.

Locking for electrical enclosures, panels and cabinets

Sustainable energies

The energy conversion sector covers many areas: wind power, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and of course nuclear power. RONIS is a specialist in locking solutions designed to protect people using these high-voltage equipment.

DOM-RONIS interlocking locks provide effective prevention against any dangerous operation, especially in the new generation of nuclear power plants using EPR technology such as Hinkey Point C (HPC). Discover the EPR range, a secure solution specially developed for nuclear reactors.

Locking for energy transformers

IT equipment

A data center is a  highly sensitive service and place where the equipment that makes up a company's information system is grouped together: mainframes, servers, storage racks, and even network and telecommunication equipment in certain infrastructures.

The data center must therefore house computer racks in an ultra-secure environment. DOM and RONIS locks are recognized for their robustness and reliability. They provide flexibility and optimal comfort for locking these particularly sensitive locations. Discover the RONIS interlocking locks, our EPR retractable range and the ENiQ Pro electronic cylinder for retractable handles, to lock and secure data centers.

Locking for server racks and data centers

Machine equipment

DOM and RONIS have been leading partners for manufacturers of electrical equipment and power conversion solutions for decades. We use our know-how and R&D in industrial interlocking to integrate our technologies into your applications such as switches, buttons or push locks.

Locking for switches, knobs and push locks

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Each of our innovations is developed for you and put at your service. Today, one of our priorities is the energy segment. For more than 20 years, we have been focusing our developments on new technological solutions for electrical equipment and sustainable energy. 

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