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Our manufacturing processes

Product flexibility of the highest standards

Zamak Die Casting

Our DOM-RONIS unit base in France is home to over 20 injection moulding machines with capacities of 3 to 125 tons of Zamak 3, a zinc based alloy material.

Surface Treatment

At DOM-RONIS there are 2 surface treatments in operation, "frame" and "barrel". Both provide high quality finishes, ranging from nickel to chrome.

Brass Manufacturing

Our DOM Sicherheitstechnik factory in Germany and our DOM Titan factory in Slovenia are responsible for brass manufacturing. They are equipped with a large variety of machines to manufacture complex and precise parts, mainly for our pin cylinders.

Steel Stamping

Steel stamping is used for producing locking cams for our lock range and the housings for the interlocking range.

Automatic Assembly

The main focus of our process has been concerning our assembly lines, where all our factories regularly invest in new automisation equipment to improve our productivity and competitivity.

Electronic Assembly

Following the developments of our electronic locking range, we adapted our assemby process accordingly. This means that the electrical and electronic testing processes are now fully integrated into  our assembly line.


Our machines allow us to create the most complex operations such as turning, milling and drilling with high precision and competitive productivity.

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