Welock and DOM

A successful partnership

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Welock and DOM : a successful partnership

DOM-TSS is proud to support Welock in its entrepreneurial adventure, since its creation in 2016. This young company, member of the French Tech, offers an innovative solution of charging stations for phones, customizable and made in France. Discover the story of this successful partnership...

How Welock and DOM met

Welock launched its business in 2016, with a mission to provide a phone charging solution to its clients in the retail and leisure sectors, and in all types of public facilities: an innovative, modular service with a strong focus on the end-user experience.

In designing these kiosks for users' phones, security was of course a central concern. This is why the founders of Welock contacted DOM directly when they set up their company. As historical partners of furniture and locker manufacturers, we were delighted to be able to support Welock in the integration of an adapted and efficient locking solution on their product.

Choosing TRONIC Pro, the ideal digital furniture lock

Having developed their first locker with a mechanical key lock, the challenge for Welock was to expand their range with a new locker, this time with an electronic locking solution.

Guided by Yacine Aouissi, Business Development Manager for DOM-TSS, their choice went to the TRONIC electronic code lock, designed specifically for lockers and particularly suited to multi-user environments.

This support from the very beginning of the young company enabled us to offer Welock the solution that best met their needs. Indeed, the determining criterion was TRONIC's reliability: without a mechanical system, there is no risk of losing or copying a key. Welock was also convinced by the ease of use of TRONIC for end users, which makes it an ideal lock in the various sectors addressed by Welock: sports and leisure, tertiary, banking, municipalities, etc.
These advantages have already made the difference in a tender between Welock and a British competitor: Welock won the contract, among other things, by emphasising the more secure electronic operation of the TRONIC lock.

Very easy to deploy, Welock can directly integrate the TRONIC solution on the lockers they manufacture. After a short 2-hour training session, the company is completely autonomous and can directly assign a dedicated Master Code for each of its end-customer sites.

DOM's customer service, the key to a successful collaboration

Since its creation in 2016, Welock has grown with great success. It has numerous customer references in a wide variety of applications: Franprix and Cultura shops, McDonald's, Fitness Park gyms, etc.
Visit Welock's official website here

The company is very satisfied with the TRONIC solution, as it is easy to use and perfectly suited to the different environments of end customers. If they encounter a problem, DOM provides direct telephone support.

It is this human and close relationship, built from the start, that Welock says they appreciate in our collaboration. The DOM team would like to thank them in particular for their trust, and will be pleased to continue to accompany them in their future projects.


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