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How to secure your new home?

You’re looking forward to moving into your new home and you have a multitude of details to sort out before the big day, including securing the premises. You want the best security solution for your family’s new cocoon: simple and effective products to secure all entry points. Choosing our products will ensure your family stay safe and secure for a lifetime.


Determine the layout of the premises

Start by listing your requirements and those of your family, then your external entry points, such as the gate and garage, and direct entry points: front door, back door. Contact DOM if you have any questions, whether technical or practical.

Mechanical locks and electronic solutions

You have several available options, with mechanical or electronic/digital cylinders. Nowadays electronic solutions, like the ENIQ cylinder, can simplify your comings and goings at home. It’s easy for the whole family to use, simply tap the cylinder with a card to open and close the door. Contact DOM for information on the best security solutions for your home.

Discover ENiQ cylinder

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