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What locking system for securing a swimming pool?

Delighted by the purchase of your swimming pool, a place where the whole family can relax and enjoy time together, you are nevertheless concerned by the safety aspect that is inherent in water-based activities. Under French legislation (Law no. 2003-9 of 3 January 2003), all private pools – whether partially or fully set into the ground – must be equipped with a device to prevent young children from drowning. Barriers are the safest solution currently on the market, but how can you stop children from opening these themselves?

Kid Protec: a lock that has proven itself

Our security kit for swimming pool doors, Kid Protec, is the ideal solution to prevent your children from being near the water unsupervised. Compliant with Standard P90-306, it makes it impossible for the barrier to be opened by a child aged under 5. As parents, you have the reassurance that Kid Protec is fail-safe even for budding DIY-ers, thanks to its triple security.

Equipment to outsmart any child

Kid Protec can defeat even the most determined of children, thanks to its 3-step unlocking mechanism:

  • 1) Pull the handle towards you.
  • 2) Keep the central button depressed.
  • 3) Turn the handle to initiate the half-turn of the lock.

To open the door, these 3 actions need to be performed simultaneously and with a minimum force of 20 Newtons, guaranteeing maximum security for parents since a child aged under 5 lacks the strength and reflexes of an adult.

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