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Combination lock C4

Mechanically-coded lock solution

Combination solution for locker

The C4 lock is a locking solution that uses a 4-digit mechanical code. With its simple and practical design, this lock allows you to fit out locker rooms and storage cupboards of all kinds, whether wooden or metal. Its compact design guarantees that it is can be adapted to most existing lockers, enabling you to choose this lock for old or new lockers.

An affordable product, thanks to its ergonomic design and ease of handling it is the ideal answer for public-access buildings. The absence of a locking key makes it an economical solution: it eliminates the risk of losing keys and the expense of replacing them.

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Lock for public access building

With its solid design and large combination capacity, the C4 lock is perfect for fitting out schools and universities, or even sports centres. For users, it is easy to operate, and for the facility manager configuration and maintenance are quick and easy to perform.

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