locking solution for metal furnishings

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4R range

A locking solution for metal furnishings

A complete locking range

Thanks to our 4R range, we are able to fit out all types of metal furnishings since it has been designed to satisfy both your needs and those of the end-user. It is adaptable for use on all metal office and workshop furniture, offering novel, practical solutions dedicated to interior furnishings: offices, store-cupboards, or even tool storage units. With 4,000 possible combinations, the 4R range offers you maximum security and flexibility which can adapt to all your models of furnishings. It comprises several elements:

  • Cam locks.
  • Motorised locks.
  • Handles: including our new CLIPEO.
  • Knobs.

Find out more about the CLIPEO handle for metal furniture


A stand-alone electronic solution

A unique key for all your furnitures

The 4R range enables you to open every type of furnishing used in a business premises with a single, unique key – an ideal solution for sharing around responsibility for locking equipment away. With strong design, flexibility and ease of use, this range of locking solutions allows you to stand out from the competition.

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