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Pop out swing handle for EPR

A secure solution for nuclear facilities

Locks for electrical cabinets and boxes

Designed specially for electrical cabinets and boxes in new-generation EPR and HPC (Hinkley Point C) nuclear facilities, the pop out EPR swing handle secures these at-risk environments effectively. Thanks to its patented "key trapping" system: in the door open position, it holds the key securely so it cannot be removed, and prevents the handle from being moved back into its baseplate.

In order to guarantee optimum security, the key can only be removed once the door is closed and locked. Operation is made easier by spring-mounting the handle, which then releases automatically when unlocked.

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These dedicated EDF and NNB (Nuclear New Build) compatible locking systems are mandatory to secure electrical cabinets and boxes, and thus guarantee the safety of people and equipment.

RONIS locks dedicated to EPR and HPC nuclear power plants

Stainless lock

In stainless steel, the pop out swing handle for EPR and HPC is a reliable product designed to resist the elements and stand the test of time. It is available in 3 versions:

  • Stainless steel pop out swing handle.
  • Plastic pop out swing handle.
  • Zamak butterfly handle.

This product is the ideal solution to guarantee ease of operation and optimum security for your electrical installations in sensitive environments.

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