Managing your ENiQ® Security Ecosystem

Your benefits

Using Online

Centrally organise your entire system with our easy-to-use PC software. Get full control and detailed insights over your entire ENiQ Security Ecosystem from a single location.

By connecting your software to all your ENiQ devices through a TCP/IP-network, you can programme every specific ENiQ device remotely, while simultaneously receiving information back from them. This live connection also allows you to integrate advanced alarm systems and programme complex security protocols that are not possible without network connections.

DOM connect man behind computer

    Incorporate your existing security systems to allow transmission of events between the systems, e.g. an alarm event activates your video surveillance.
    Users never have to collect their access authorsations because changes are directly applied to the devices.
    When necessary you can read the logs for all devices to see who was in what room at what time. Combined with a camera system this further increases the security of your building.
    Find suitable security for every door in the building, thanks to our wide range of solutions.
    If a user loses a transponder, you can delete the lost one from the system and programme a new one quickly with the software. That means no unwanted 'guests' in yourbuilding after closing time.
How does it work?

1.   Data from transponder will be read via desk reader/writer
      and programmed in the devices.

2.   Via an RF NetManager data is immediately transferred to
      the devices in the doors.

3.   Person can now open the door.

In a nutshell

    No cables needed for most products. Plug & Play.

    A modern user interface. Easily programme access rights from your
    desk. No need for a key safe anymore.
    Your are in full control of who has access to what areas, at what time and for what period.

    Users can access anything they need to in your building, but they cannot enter rooms they should not be in. This provides a sense of security, without feeling restricted in movement.
  • Directly communicate with every door, from behind your desk.
  • Access events are shared directly with your software.
  • Choose between different transponders, like ISO cards, Standarg tag and Premium Tag

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