Managing your ENiQ® Security Ecosystem

Your benefits

Using Offline

Directly programme the digital locking devices themselves. Make full use of the superior control and insights of the ENiQ® software, without having to invest heavily in a network to connect to all your ENiQ® devices.

By using a portable device, like a laptop or netbook with either a USB radio connector or infrared connector, you can programme every device directly, from within a distance of three metres.

    Find suitable security for every door in the building, thanks to our wide range of solutions
    No need for an online connection. However, you can seamlessly switch to software at any time.
    If a user loses a transponder, you can easily delete the transponder from the system and programme a new one simultaneously.
How does it work?

1.   Data from transponder will be read via desk reader/writer.
2.   Take laptop to the door and programme data in the devices.

3.   Person can now open the door.

In a nutshell

    No cables needed for most products. Plug & Play.

    Easy to install software. Be in full control. You no longer need a
    key safe.
    Your are in full control of who has access to what areas, at what time and for what period.

    Users can access anything they need to in your building, but they cannot enter rooms they should not be in. This provides a sense of security, without feeling restricted in movement.
  • Program the transponders on your laptop
  • Take your laptop to the locking device, like the ENiQ Pro, in the door
  • The access authorizations are now programmed in the locking device so the transponders know if they can enter

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