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Connected solution for the Furniture and Industry

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A flexible and secure solution

eniq loq office

Imagine if you could benefit from the functionalities and of all the connectivity of your ENiQ security ecosystem on other applications than doors, for example a locker, a office, a servant or even a wardrobe. This is a reality with ENiQ LoQ! Your ENiQ LoQ locks are models perfectly integrated, modular and versatile. They are suitable for all your locking needs and are as intelligent, connected and intercompatible with the whole other ENiQ solutions. You have a mastery and a overview of your entire business organization, including on your furniture. ENiQ LoQ is the gateway ideal between the world of control access to the Building and that of Industrial Equipment (OEM).

ENiQ Ecosystem

Compatible embedded technologies:
- Mifare: compatible transponders* (Mifare DESFire, DESFire EV1 2k 4k 8k, Mifare Classic 1k 4k, Mifare Plus S/X 2k 4k, Mifare Ultralight, Ultralight C)
*subject to prior verification
- Bluetooth Low Energy

A customizable lock

Our ENiQ LoQ lock is available with two types of buttons to choose from

Different possible colours to define different areas and adapt to your spaces.

Different configuration modes

ENiQ® App

You no longer need computers, servers and software for complete control and overview of your ENiQ security ecosystem: just take your Android smartphone! Your ENiQ App is designed for fast and safe use. It offers a multitude of advanced features. The ENiQ App allows you to access and program all ENiQ devices via your network connection or via local NFC wireless communication. Always create a backup of your installation. You can then switch from one system to another without difficulty if you want to use the computer software at some point.

ENiQ software

You can manage and control your ENiQ security ecosystem in different ways. However, the most complete and advanced method is to use the ENiQ software. Your access management tool allows you precise control and an overview of the use of your system. There are 3 programming modes to issue and modify access rights, manage user groups and review events:

  • Online
  • Intelligent mode
  • Offline


Online means that your ENiQ devices are connected to a wireless network or Ethernet TCP/IP, allowing your software to communicate directly with your device within your ENiQ security ecosystem. Check security from a secure location.


In intelligent mode, data is not stored in ENiQ devices but your software communicates with your ENiQ security ecosystem using the badges as data carriers. This system operates without a network and always offers you complete control of your security from a secure location.


In an Offline system, your ENiQ devices are not connected to a network, but you can program everything on your door using a portable device, such as a laptop computer with a USB radio reader. A way of working in a decentralized way without using a network.


Ready to use

Can be integrated on all wood or metal substrates and in dry or humid environments.

Full integrated connectivity

Each ENiQ LoQ can be fully integrated into your ENiQ ecosystem.

Internal event memory

Visualization of the entire history of lock use.

Exceptional user experience

Use of the clear and intuitive lock.

Different variants available

Right, left, horizontal, vertical rotation

Locking systems

1 point per cam or slamming bolt, 3 points, anti-tilt solution.

Autonomous lock, standard AAA batteries

LR3 batteries are easy to replace.

Diverse applications

Establishments with changing rooms or boxes for individual use, trolleys controlling access to consumables or tools
(hospitals, production lines, etc.), coworking area with flexible workstations and lockers, changing rooms or lockers for
multi-user function.

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Download the ecosystem ENiQ brochure

By clicking submit on this form, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to DOM-Security for processing in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.

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