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Managing your ENiQ® Security Ecosystem

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Using Data on card

What makes this method special, is that authorisation data is not stored on the ENiQ® devices like digital locks, but rather on something that all users carry with them: transponders!

You can programme your entire system and monitor access privileges from behind your desk, using a desk reader and/or a centrally located programming terminal, and allow users to carry all the data to where it needs to be. No need to install a network that connects all of the doors: the transponders are your network.


    Find suitable security for every door in the building, thanks to our wide range of solutions.
    If you have a high staff turnover or if many visitors visit your building it should not mean extra work for you. Simply place a programming terminal at the entrance where staff or visitors can collect their access authorisations by themselves each morning for the day.
    If a user loses a transponder, you can delete the lost one from the system and quickly and easily programme a new one with the soft ware. That means no unwanted 'guests' in your building after closing time.
    When necessary, you can read the logs for all locks to see who was in what room at what time. Combined with a camera system this further increases the security of your building.
    You have total freedom to decide how many times per year/month/week users have to validate their authorisations, depending on the comfort-security level..
  • EASY
    There is no need to physically go to the door to make changes to access authorisations.
How does it work?

1.   Data is written on the transponder via desk reader/writer

2.   The user loads his access authorisations on the transponder via
      the wall terminal.

3.   Person can now open the door.

The programming method

In a nutshell

    No cables needed for most products. Plug & Play.

    A modern user interface. Easily programme access rights from your
    desk and let users pick them up from a central point. No need for a
    key safe anymore.
    Your are in full control of who has access to what areas, at what time and for what period.

    Users can access anything they need to in your building, but they cannot enter rooms they should not be in. This provides a sense of security, without feeling restricted in movement.
  • eniq software
    Easily manage your Security Ecosystem with our ENiQ® AccessManagement Software
  • Program your transponders with the ENiQ® deskreader
  • Choose your transponder type: ISO cards, Standard tags or Premium tags

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