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Electronic lock E10

Keypad lock for lockers

A robust electronic lock

This electronic lock is ideal for both new and existing lockers made of various materials such as metal, wood and trespa. Easy to use, this product is convenient for building public-access buildings.

A user can enter 4 digit code, on the numeric keypad, to open and close the locker. To reset the lock, the site manager can at any time use the 8 digit master code (default) to open the lock if the user code is forgotten.

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A complete solution

The E10 lock is a turnkey solution. Easy to install and manage for facility managers, it is also easy for end users to use. Two modes of use are available: private and public. The lock status is also symbolized by two colors (blue and red) which simplifies lock management.

Ideal for establishments receiving the public such as :
- Sports halls,
- Swimming pools,
- Recreation centres,
- Schools,
- Hospitals.

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