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DOM Tapkey

The future of security is already in your hands

Your smartphone is your key


Connected lock

DOM Tapkey is a revolutionary way to lock and unlock the doors to your home or office. Simply tap your smartphone against the digital cylinder lock and you’re in!

Control your security

Our digital locking system allows you to manage the access and thereby the security of your home or office with the easy-to-use Tapkey app. 

You can add or remove users (smartphones and transponders) on your smartphone whenever you want. Whether you’re at work, at a meeting or anywhere else for that matter. Discover an innovative plug-and-play solution for all your security needs. With DOM Tapkey, you’re in control every step of the way.

A simple & easy setup

It only takes 2 minutes

The DOM Tapkey electronic lock is simple to install using the right tools. You just need to set up the cylinder as for a classic mechanical model and download the Tapkey app. Therefore, follow the instructions given by the application throughout the configuration of the device.

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Download the app

The Tapkey application is easy to use. It activates the DOM Tapkey electronic cylinder via the NFC (Near Field Communication) or via BLE (bluetooth low energy) technology of your smartphone. The administrator can deliver virtual keys to other users using a highly secure Tapkey account or a Google ID.

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Secure your access

DOM Tapkey is easy to use on a daily basis. You can create virtual keys for you, the members of your family and guests. All thanks to the Tapkey application. If someone loses his phone or his tag, simply block the access for this device to ensure your safety. You will keep an eye on your home, even if you are away.

A2P* Certification

DOM Tapkey is A2P* certified. This certification, issued by the CNPP (National Centre for Prevention and Protection) based on laboratory tests, guarantees that a security system offers, due to its reliability and resistance, enhanced security against burglary attempts.

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Provide digital cylinders in record time

Are you a wholesaler? Be more responsive to your customers with the new eDOM-illico express service: your electronic cylinder order is shipped within 4 working days! (within France)

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Compatibility DOM Tapkey

The Tapkey app is compatible with Android and Apple devices. The digital DOM Tapkey devices only work with smartphones that offer a compatible NFC or BLE interface. Find out if your smartphone has already been tested with our devices: 

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