Access control with Numeric keyboard

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The stand-alone electronic handle

A stand-alone electronic solution

Serrure EasyKey à codeEasykey is a stand-alone electronic handle, enabling you to secure restricted-access locations such as offices, goods stores in shops, or even private areas in hospitals or public-access buildings. Thanks to its numeric and Braille keypad, you can open your door without a key or card, simply by tapping in a 4- to 6-digit code.

For optimum security, the handle locks for 1 minute if a user enters an incorrect code 5 times in succession. Ideal for sensitive buildings with high volumes of movements, Easykey locks automatically after 3 seconds.

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Quickly configure your access

Functional and efficient, Easykey allows you to configure your access arrangements quickly and easily, to suit the needs of your building. You can change the administrator code, enable or disable user codes or even opt to have free entry, free exit, or both at any time. With this flexibility, the Easykey handle allows you to adapt your security and manage your access arrangements.

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