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ENiQ EasyFlex Box

Access control for all

Electronic cylinders open up a new world to you

With ENiQ® EasyFlex Box, electronic access control is affordable for all. Discover an innovative key-in-hand solution that satisfies the security needs for all regular sites. From your entry door to the door to your office, this product adapts to any small-sized building. Using this kit, you can install and manage your access yourself.

Once installed, configuration and access management of the cylinder takes just a few minutes with the help of the programming card. You won't need programming software or technical expertise to use the ENiQ® EasyFlex Box. To unlock your door, all you need to do is to touch your card against the lock.

Kit contents

ENiQ Electronic Cylinder

The ENiQ® electronic cylinder opens up a new dimension in access control, with flexible access rights management as a main advantage. Thanks to its simple configuration and use, you can control your access arrangements efficiently. A versatile product, the cylinder can be adapted to all doors, with its 10 options. That makes it a top-quality security product.

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