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Manufacturing mechanical, electronic and industrial locking solutions

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Representing DOM, Metalux and RONIS brands on the french market, we have two different sites in France: DOM-Metalux is based at Saint-Dizier in the East of France and DOM-RONIS are based at Sancoins in the Center of France. Each site manufactures and distributes a different range of products. They belong to the group DOM Security.

DOM-Metalux is specialised in locking solutions and control access for professionals of the construction hardware sector. Whilst DOM-RONIS markets OEM security systems for industry and high security markets for applications such as office furniture, supermarket shopping trolleys, residential and commercial projects and provides tailor-made solutions.

Our group
Our group

Our Product Brands

We have several product brands, each with their own dedicated skills and experience. Due to this, we are able to create innovative locking solutions that are effective and can fit into any situation or environment.

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We are part of Sfpi Group

SFPI Group is a company based in Paris that was founded in 1985 by Henri Morel. It is a group of four companies that specialises in the safety industry for people, goods, and the environment.