TELESCO Pro 6500 Professional overhead door closer with high perfromances and efficiency

Technical Specification
Hydraulic door closer with cam action technology.
High quality components. Body manufactured with aluminium, arm and internal components manufactured with high quality steel.
Flexi System. Size EN2 - EN3 - EN4 - EN5 adjustable continiously by screw.
CE Certified according to European Standard EN 1154.
Certificate nº 1121 - CPR - AD5173
CE Classification
• Door Mount Pull Side and Transom Mount Pull Side application
4 - 8 - 3/6 - 1 - 1 - 3
• Door Mount Pull Side and Transom Mount Push Side application
3 - 8 - 3/6 - 1 - 1 - 3
On security systems against fire, it is not allowed to install a door closer size EN2.
Fire Resistant. Classification RF120’ according to Eurpoean Standrad EN 1634-1.
Closing Speed Control. Adjustable closing speed by valve in the range from 70º to 15º.
Latch Action Control. Ajustable latch action by valve in the range from 15º to 0º.
Back-check function. Adjustable back-check by valve from 60º opening angle.
Delayed Action function. Adjustable delayed action by valve from 180º to 70º.
Thermostatic door closers. Closing time keeps stable submitted to temperatures between -15ºC y +40ºC.
Security against forced closings thanks to overpressure valve incorporated inside the door closer.
Adjustable Hold Open. Adjustable hold open system to any selected opening angle (optional).
High performance. Excellent closing efficiency by means of needle bearings incorporation.
Easy to install. Adapts to all type of applications and offers great ease of installation.
Range of colors. Available in five different colors: White (BL), Brown (BR), Black (NE), Gold (OR) and Silver (PL).

Individual Box content: Complete door closer (hydraulic body, arm set, fixing screws and fixing instructions).
Carton Box content: 2 units

  • Cam Action Technology
  • One model to cover sizes EN 2 to EN 5
  • Back-check and delayed action control by valve
  • Closing force adjustable by screw
  • Fully controlled closing cycle
  • Non-handed, suitable for standard and frame installation
  • CE mark for construction products
  • Smooth opening: Highly digressive resistance to opening

Standard Warranty10 Years
Closing Force AdjustmentBy Screw
Back Check FunctionAdjustable Back-Check

CE Mark for Building Products EN 1154Yes
EN 1154 Transom Mount Push Side Position3 8 3/5 1 1 3
EN 1154 Transom Mount Pull Side Position4 8 3/5 1 1 3
EN 1154 Door Mount Pull Side Position4 8 3/5 1 1 3

Length (mm)256.5
Overall Depth (mm)48.0
Latch Angle15º