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Since hundreds of years ago, locksmiths played an important role in keeping their clients’ homes safe and secure. Locksmith is a profession that evolves with time. From its’ old days of forging metal keys, modern locksmiths have evolved to a highly-skilled profession that includes modern technology and complicated locking techniques.

As a security company, we are committed to support locksmiths with high-quality products, after sales service, locksmiths training, and your marketing needs. We understand your importance to keep up-to-date of the latest technology in security and locking, therefore we offer you complete support as your partner.

DOM Products

At DOM, we only develop the highest quality security and access solutions. We have a wide range of products - from cylinders and locks to panic locks and access control systems. In order to be able to offer these solutions, we concentrate on three main fields of competence: hardware, software and mechatronics. In addition, we commit ourselves to a continuous development of our technologies. So we and our customers are always one step ahead of the competition.