New DOM Ix Twintec® cylinder

31 March 2023

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The DOM Ix Twintec® cylinder is the cylinder that the market has been waiting for and is a great leap forward for the security of homes and businesses.

New DOM Ix Twintec® cylinder


DOM- MCM launches a new security cylinder of the DOM brand. It has the highest European certifications, is patented until 2036 and is compatible with almost all security shields on the market.

New key with plastic head 

The ix Twintec® DOM wrench features a high-quality plastic head with a sophisticated design for even more ergonomic handling. The flat, long-necked wrench makes ix Twintec® compatible with virtually all protective shields.

In addition to the anti-copy security of the double floating key disc, the 11 active locking elements of the cylinder adapt to both individual locks and master key systems for small and medium-sized companies, offering the highest level of security.

Versatile and safe, the main features of this bulb are:

Double floating disc on the ke

Compatible with electronic locking systems with ClipTag.

Plastic key head for ergonomic handling

Longer key neck length for better adaptation to security shields

Flat key design, compatible with protective shields.

Modular cylinders provide the highest level of protection against drilling and removal

DIN EN 1303 classification: highest level of attack resistance

Proprietary rights: patent term 2036

SKG certification (**/***))

Antibumping y antipicking