MCM Fast

28 September 2021

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Reduce lead times, be faster and provide better service. This is the goal of the new MCM Fast Service, exclusive for BPS and E cylinder systems.

Complex locking orders delivered in less than a week.

It is a service that allows a discriminating access control, tailor-made for each customer: it facilitates the control of keys held by third parties, controls the access of maintenance personnel and improves organization, among other advantages. "MCM Fast is a service designed to provide business and make our customers more agile and efficient".

To open all the doors of a building, even those of the mailbox, with a single key? To have total control of the openings at all times? To say goodbye to the bunch of keys? This is the main purpose of a master key service: to reduce all the keys to one and to keep, at the same time, an individual key for each door. DOM MCM has launched the MCM Fast service, which solves any project of this kind in five days*.

The MCM Fast master key service provides an "à la carte" locking system whereby many doors can be opened with a single key and each of these doors can be operated with an individual key. DOM MCM now provides this service much faster with MCM Fast.

DOM MCM analyzes, evaluates and prepares the most suitable solution according to the customer's needs. The product leaves the factory within five working days once the project has been accepted. This is a pioneering commitment that no one has ever offered before.
*See service conditions

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