New ENiQ App

13 May 2021

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Throughout the month, DOM-MCM is running a campaign to present the advantages of ENiQ® App and how to manage the access control of your building from a smartphone. A perfect application for locksmiths and installers as it allows you to easily create digital master keys with a master key system integrated in the App.

Secure your business from your smartphone with the new ENiQ® App

DOM-MCM presents the new ENiQ® App, a special smartphone application that allows you to manage the security of your building or your business.

Who has the keys to the building? Who comes in and out every day? What happens if a key disappears? These are some of the questions most business owners ask themselves when it comes to managing access to their premises. This DOM application allows you to control all your digital devices and registered transponders from your smartphone, without expensive software, and total security.

ENiQ® App, offers a global view in a single app, can remotely grant and revoke access on up to 100 doors and 500 transponders, allows you to manage a weekly schedule for your employees and experience other powerful features from a single app. It is compatible with other digital locking systems and has two programming methods: Data on Device and Data on Card.

Only a Google ID is required to register. All data is stored locally in the memory of your smartphone. Even if your company's situation changes and you want to upgrade to a web-based software solution, this system ensures you experience a smooth transition.