Fabricacion 2

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Our manufacturing processes

MCM Cylinder SCX in office

Cylinder manufacturing

The great variety of locks and needs makes the market demand a great variety of cylinders of different versions, sizes and features. In DOM-MCM we manufacture in our factory in Vitoria, from standard cylinders to safety cylinders. Our cylinders are manufactured following certified processes which allows us to offer a product of great quality and safety.

Manufacture of locks

Thanks to our complete production system, we are able to manufacture, in addition to all our catalogue locks, as well as models tailored to the needs of our customers. All our departments, from R&D, production, sales and form part of a powerful manufacturing structure that allows us to offer quality, price and service.


The main focus of our process has been on our assembly lines, where all our factories regularly invest in new automation equipment to improve our productivity and competitiveness.

Electronic Assembly

Following the developments of our electronic locking range, we adapted our assemby process accordingly. This means that the electrical and electronic testing processes are now fully integrated into  our assembly line.