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Lost keys? 

Security shields: protection for the home front door

There are many types of attacks on a door, the most common is the breakage of the cylinder or cylinder, usually with a drill.
When a lock or a cylinder is attacked in this way, it is almost always due to the non-existence of a security escutcheon in the lock or, even if there is one, it is not of the necessary quality or it is old.

 Why is it important to install a security escutcheon such as Vesta from DOM-MCM on the door?

The answer is clear, because it prevents the lock from being broken and the cylinder from being removed.

This means that the equipment formed by the escutcheon and the lock is essential for the protection of the door.

DOM-MCM has designed and developed a wide range of security escutcheons, with the VESTA model as the latest addition.

Vesta is a new security escutcheon with a high resistance index, designed to protect the cylinders against different attacks and with a size to cover previous escutcheon marks.

A lock that does not have the proper shield is totally vulnerable. Therefore, if you do not have a shield, the one you have is old or was installed in new construction, we recommend that you check it and we also offer different security solutions, all of them based on defending the door. The more layers of protection we have on the door, the more protected we will be against any crime.