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Security starts at the door

The perfect door protection 

The front door is the place in the house where most attempts at burglary occur.  That's why it's so important to choose a good lock. Too often we take it for granted that the one we have is insurmountable. But the techniques of the thieves improve and that is why it is convenient to renew the locks and improve the security of your home and your family.  The good news: Thieves have very little time and therefore surrender after a few minutes if the properties are well secured. But what should have a safe door? At DO-MCM we have the answer and the right locking system for any security requirement.

Highlighted locks

Security locks

This type of lock is the queen of protection in homes. They are composed of several anchors in different places of each door, which makes them very safe and difficult to force.

Rim locks

These locks offer additional security, as they guarantee a second locking point to the one already installed on the door. Overlap locks are easily placed on the door and offer different functionalities depending on the model and can be taught with the increased security that this implies.                  

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