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Lost keys? 

Daughter, son, neighbour, cleaning lady - with every person who has a key to your apartment, the risk of loss increases. What do you do if you are not sure whether a key has actually been lost, or if you have lost track of who actually still has a key. Do you really want to replace the whole lock straight away? DOM has a significantly more convenient solution in the program: the 2 in 1 system.

It's that easy

If you are missing a key or have lost one, or it was stolen from you, simply transcode the locking cylinder: DOM locking systems with the 2 in 1 function are prepared for a second locking system that, if necessary, you can enable yourself in the blink of an eye. A 360° rotation of the cylinder with the second key will automatically activate the new locking system. The old key will no longer work and you can rely on absolute security once again.

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