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All your accesses with a single key

Does this sound familiar?

Portal, home, garage, bike room, office, storeroom, cabin ... a key to everything. Key rings are becoming heavier and more confusing. This is particularly annoying when you are in front of the door or the portal in the dark. Finish by searching for the right key - with a key for all the doors.

All accesses in one key

Our systems allow all the accesses to your home to be opened with the same key; portal doors, main doors, interior doors, garage doors....whenever there is a lock or device operated by a cylinder we can place equal cylinders between them.

Through our training plans you will be able to choose what access each person in your organization will have. Offices, Schools, Hospitals....each person will have their defined access, each facility will be personalized according to their needs.

Farewell to the bunch of keys

With DOM-MCM's equalization and master control systems you can have total control with a single key.

Of course, the master cylinder is absolutely safe, and comes with a security card. The security card is a kind of "ID" with which you identify yourself as an owner. Spare keys or spare cylinders with keys can only be ordered on presentation of this security card at the specialist retailer.

Master Key System

Master key is an ideal solution for neighborhood .

General idea: each owner opens with a single key the common areas of the building (portal, garage access, access to storage rooms, etc.) and the door of his home, never being able to open the homes of the rest.

DOM-MCM Master Key System

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