DOM master key systems

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Which master key system is the right one?

Guiding you through the entire process

A locking plan for any system

Our commercial agents together with our specialized dealers are supporting you in drawing up a locking plan for any system size without additional costs, if you choose cylinders from our product range. When designing a locking system, there are many things to consider. Your locking system is designed by our team of experts with the utmost care according to your specifications. Regardless of the size and nature of the building, our specialists ensure a clear and functional solution that meets the highest security requirements.

The lock plan template in Excel format makes it easy to design both simple and complex locking plans. With our extensive range of cylinders we are able to offer large locking systems for e.g. for hospitals, universities and airports as well as for smaller facilities for e.g. office space or doctor surgeries.



One key opens all access points, from front door to server room and mailbox.


Central locking system

In the central locking system, an apartment key unlocks the own apartment and all common or even central doors, which are also unlocked by other tenants, for example the front door, courtyard door, cellar door. However, none of these keys fits on another apartment door.
Central locking systems can be found especially in apartment blocks and halls of residence.


Masterkey system

In the master key system, a parent key - the masterkey - unlocks all cylinders of the entire building. However, each cylinder will also have its own differ key which will be used by the person who works in that particular room or office.
HS systems can be found in schools and small and medium-sized commercial properties.

MK System

Central Masterkey system

Where multiple properties are covered by one system, such as two separate buildings where each has its own Central Locking System, you can have one Masterkey that can open all shared access points in both buildings. 

Central masterkey systems can be found, for example, in larger residential complexes.

CMK System

Technical general Masterkey

Just like the General Masterkey System, but unlike the General Masterkey, the Technical General Masterkey only 
grants access to all technical and maintenance access points in the system.   

GMK System

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