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It’s our responsibility to provide you with high quality products, and to also support you with your marketing and after sales needs. Our sales force will assist you in advising your customers and providing you with marketing materials so you can better promote your products and services. You will also have early bird access to new ideas and the latest in innovative locking solutions.

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"DOM offers a high degree of flexibility and a very good service. In a long-term cooperation, these services are particularly important to us and important for a basis of success."




Hans-Dieter Werner

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At DOM, we only develop the highest quality security and access solutions. We have a wide range of products - from cylinders and locks to panic locks and access control systems. In order to be able to offer these solutions, we concentrate on three main fields of competence: hardware, software and mechatronics. In addition, we commit ourselves to a continuous development of our technologies. So we and our customers are always one step ahead of the competition.

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With our DOM XL master key software, you can easily assemble and order your systems. DOM XL was specially developed by us to support our DOM dealers. Ordering and conversion are intuitive and many of the basic Excel features are still available.

Download masterkey plan (Excel 1997-2003)

Download masterkey plan (Excel latest versions)

DOM Keystone, a tailor fit partner program

Are you a locksmith and interested in a partner affiliate programme? We believe that to invest in others is to invest in ourselves. Hence we create DOM Keystone with one goal: to help our loyal locksmith partners to boost their business.

DOM Keystone is a DOM Security partner programme created especially with locksmiths in mind. By becoming a DOM Keystone member, you get more opportunities to receive exclusive DOM perks, such as online tutorials, showroom decorations, display materials, and upgraded working stations.

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Are you a locksmith looking for advise?

Are you looking to open up a new business, and would you like a detailed consultation? Do you have questions about our product range as an established specialist retailer? 

Our field representatives will be happy to help you with support and advice at any time. Simply enter your post code to discover our field representative in your area.