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DOM Tapkey Pro V2 The latest digital cylinder DOM Tapkey Pro V2 accepts 13,56 MHz Mifare RFID transponders with Tapkey coding and Smartphones as a key via Bluetooth low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It is compatible with the Tapkey App.


DOM Tapkey Pro is much more than just a digital locking cylinder: your smartphone is the key! The Tapkey app turns it into an intelligent management tool for your pocket, allowing you to remotely programme keys, send authorisations to other users and view event notifications.

Features & Benefits

  • THE SMARTPHONE IS THE KEY DOM and Tapkey offer you the best of both worlds. The wide range of DOM Tapkey digital locking devices enables you to deal with virtually every situation. We offer a huge range of digital cylinders, digital handles, digital padlocks, and digital wall readers to activate an alarm or open a garage door. We believe that everyone and everything of value should be kept secure without any compromise. That’s why all DOM products are highly secured by using strong encryptions. Additionally the strong, high-quality mechanical hardware combined with innovative electronic components is proof of reliability and long life. Just like the digital devices, the Tapkey app is easy to use. It activates a DOM Tapkey device via the NFC (Near Field Communication) interface of a smartphone. The admin user can give authorisations to other users, safely and securely, via a highly protected Tapkey ID or Google ID.
  • THE TAPKEY APP PROVIDES EASY MOBILE ACCESS. You can create your own digital locking system within minutes. There are three simple steps: download the Tapkey app via Google or the Apple store, activate your account, connect your locking device for your digital cylinder in the entrance door and garage (for example), and there you go! In just a few steps you can authorise users to open or close a door with a digital device or DOM Tapkey tag (Android only).
  • DOM Tapkey System - Manage access authorisations via app - Three smartphone licences per user free of charge: you can mix the licences in your total system - e.g. two user licences at device one and four user licences at device two. - Open without Internet access - Additional usage of DOM Tapkey hardware tag - Use your existing Google ID (no extra registration needed) or Tapkey ID - Program your tag with your smartphone. - DOM Tapkey locking devices are stand-alone; no other devices to install near or in the door - Easy creation of a new Google ID account - High secure communication by using end-to-end encryption - Open system: use the app, your smartphone and tag on different locking devices of different manufacturers - Open platform: use the same smartphone, tag and app to open your home, work place, delivery mailbox, car (car sharing), hotel room, parking space and activate your alarm system
  • DOM Tapkey Transponder Programmable transponder key Dom Tapkey Easy Mobile Access is not just an access solution for smartphones with NFC technology. Additionally you can use the Dom Tapkey transponder which is easily fixed on your keychain and needs no battery. An excellent choice for those people who prefer the more traditional way of access. Needless to say, the admin user programs the DOM Tapkey transponder via its mobile devices within seconds. Tapkey is an open app platform, so you can use the same app, smartphone and DOM Tapkey tag for other Tapkey applications like opening your carsharing vehicle, parking space, hotel room or delivery mailbox.
  • NFC Near Field Communication The use of NFC - Near Field Communication - and the short distance between your locking media and the locking device ensures that nobody can hack your system. The NFC technology with its reliable low battery consumption in combination with the high-quality locking devices of DOM offers you convenient long term use. The DOM Tapkey Easy Mobile Access solution not only allows rights to be granted quickly but also provides ‘offline’ use of the rights. The granted access rights continue to exist in the smartphone for seven days without a mobile connection (e.g. E, 3G, 4G or LTE). Access rights can also quickly be revoked by deleting the ID or locking tag of the smartphone user in the Tapkey App. In seconds the smartphone for which the access rights have been revoked receives the new information over the mobile connection. To be sure, you can transfer the blacklist of blocked tags and IDs directly over your smartphone to the locking device.
  • Benefits of NFC - Low use of energy thanks to RFID - More security through close contact technology - Fast reading performance - High encryption standard for best security - Visibility of access authorisation on the smartphone screen
  • Tapkey App Set time-restricted access rights straight away TAPKEY FRIENDS & FAMILY Unlocking is always free. Manage access rights for smartphone users. Manage tags via NFC smartphone. View the last three access login events. Firmware upgrade of locking devices directly via smartphone. SMART BUSINESS Same features as friends & family. Full view of access events. More admin users. Licence to use your Tapkey app professionally on other platforms such as Airbnb.
  • Benefits of the App - Virtual, smart digital keyring - Easy secure download - Use of highly secure Google ID - Mobile rights lose their vaildity after a specified period without updating - High-level security of your online data with the most modern server located in the EU - View last three events - If your device crashes or is stolen, simply deactivate the device or ID on Google or your Tapkey Account
Anti Corrosion
Certification Fire Resistant
Certification SKG 3 Star
IP65: dust tight and protected against low pressure water jets; limited water ingress permitted and shall have no harmful effect
Anti Drill Protection
Anti Pull Protection

Suggested application of use

Airports, Education, Financial, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial, Medium to Large Sized Businesses, Offices, Plants, Public Buildings, Small to Medium Sized Businesses, Short Stay, Shared Offices, Coworking Spaces, Bed & Breakfast, Vacation Rentals


Technical features

Fire ResistantYes, 90 Minutes
Water ResistantYes
Patent ProtectionYes
Anti Corrosion ProtectionYes
Anti Drill ProtectionYes
Anti Pull ProtectionYes
Communication TechnologyNFC, BLE
Stand-alone FunctionalityYes
Data On CardYes
Battery Lifetime CyclesUp to 35000 cycles
User Identification TechnologyNFC, Mifare RFID 13.56 MHz, BLE 4.2
Acoustic SignallingNo
Optical SignallingYes
Supported Locking MediaISO 14443 A, Tapkey Mifare DESFire
Programming MethodsSmartphone
Battery TypeCR2
Number of Batteries2
Battery Lifetime YearsUp to 3 Years
Battery Warning AlarmVisual
Maximum Operating Temperature (celsius)65
Maximum Relative Humidity (%)99
Minimum Operating Temperature-25

Patent ProtectionYes
Ingress Protection RatingIP65

Surface FinishMatt Nickel
Outer Knob FinishStainless Steel
Inner Knob FinishMatt Nickel
Power TypeBattery
Events Storage Capacity in the Device2000
RFID EncryptionAES-128 Bit
Data EncryptionISO/IEC 18092, AES-128 Bit
Operating Temperature (Celsius)-25° to 65°

Optional Accessories

Installation tool set

Installation tool set

Consisting of Torx screwdriver TX6, knob tool, fixing bracket
Knob tool

Knob tool

Is required for mounting and dismounting the external knob sleeve
Fixing bracket

Fixing bracket

Is required for mounting and dismounting the knob electronics on the cylinder body
Special key for mechanical inner locking of EE IM

Special key for mechanical inner locking of EE IM

Key for Emergency Exit cylinders with locking on the inside
DOM Tapkey Standard Tag

DOM Tapkey Standard Tag

EasyFlex Booklet

EasyFlex Booklet

Battery Pack

Battery Pack

Torx Srewdriver TX 10

Torx Srewdriver TX 10

Used for the installation of padlockcover Pro.
DOM Tapkey Sticker Tag

DOM Tapkey Sticker Tag

Torx Srewdriver TX 6

Torx Srewdriver TX 6

Required for mounting the mechanical inner knob

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Included Accessories

Installation tool set

Installation tool set

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