OXOMI, marketing distribution platform for DOM Germany

26 August 2021

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An all-around presence of a company is paramount to ensure smooth communication to the customer. This is the desired objective of OXOMI, a SaaS (Software-as-a-service) company based in Germany, focusing on product and marketing information distribution. Just like its' slogan: "increase your reach", OXOMI offers database service to companies, where they can provide all marketing information (catalogue, photos, 3D renders, images) in the best quality to their partners. All they need to do is head on to their platform, search for the information, and send a partnership-request.

On this occasion, Andrea Pitsch and Florian Breuer from DOM Germany will explain in a short article about OXOMI and why this service is useful for their company.

DOM: Can you tell me the story of how DOM Germany found out about OXOMI for the first time?
Andrea: OXOMI is not a stranger to our dealers. One day, a sales representative asked us if we used this platform. Another colleague came with the same question. We began to receive more inquiries about this service and investigate whether OXOMI is the right product for us.

At first sight, we liked the fact that the customer could search everything from the homepage. We also found out that we can determine which dealers gain access to which material as a manufacturer. The control over our content 100% lies within us as the manufacturer. Moreover, we can push data from PIM to this platform.

Later on, we contacted OXOMI. They showed us more about the tool in an online meeting. Their explanation about OXOMI advantages was comprehensive, and it finally convinced us to use their service.

DOM: What pointers from OXOMI ensure you work with them, not with a similar company offering a similar product?
Andrea: The biggest factor is that most of our customers use OXOMI already. We want to provide a better service, so we sign up on the same platform to provide them with extensive product data.

We provide targeted content, and the dealer uses them on-demand. They decide what they want to show to their customers based on their customers' needs. This is what we want to achieve with OXOMI.

DOM: On the OXOMI website, they offer plenty of subscription plans. Which one do you pick, and why?
Florian: We decided to sign up for the "Medium" package that includes the following services: posting of documents, videos, installation pictures, pictures of products, and the OXOMI portal (the collection content portal). Adding extra add-ons is extremely easy from the OXOMI platform if we want to add more services.

DOM: What are the plans between DOM Germany and OXOMI?
Florian: Gradually, we want to present more DOM products on this platform, such as expanding the variety of information channels and optimising the handling of marketing materials. Catalogues, article images, and product videos will always be available from the platform and ready to be sent to requesting dealers anytime.

DOM: How has OXOMI help you to optimise your work?
Andrea: We always have inquiries from dealers asking for certain pictures or marketing materials every day. In one day's work, this sometimes takes one or two hours. After using OXOMI, it only needs less time to handle all requests per day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but OXOMI helps us optimise content sending and speed things up, allowing me to work on more items in one day.

Curious about OXOMI? Click here to be redirected to DOM portal.