New ENiQ® PLC cards - Tailored to fit

27 July 2018

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Tailored to fit

Our new ENiQ® programmable logic controller (PLC) cards optimally adapt the access system and its processes to the individual needs of the customer - without the need for additional software.

Up to now, the programming of additional functions, which went beyond the normal opening and closing mechanism, required a complete software system for electronic locking systems. This system was often too complex, especially for smaller objects. With the new PLC cards, it is now possible to select the function that exactly meets the needs of the respective building from a comprehensive range. The PLC cards are compatible with the DOM systems ENiQ® AccessManager Compact & HiSec and the RF NetManager in combination with the digital locking cylinders and fittings.

As individual as life itself

For example, the PLC cards can integrate an additional function into the security system that automatically activates the system's camera systems when an unauthorized transponder attempts to gain access. This allows potential intruders to be recorded and more easily identified to ensure the security of the property.

Up to six different PLC's with different special functions can be set up. In addition to the existing range of PLC functions, it is also possible on request to implement specific individual customer requirements. Since June, our new software-independent ENiQ® PLC cards have supplemented the ENiQ® product range and provide even more convenience with maximum safety.