DOM ELS Guard and Accessmanager

12 November 2019

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DOM ELS Guard and AccessManager available by mid December!

We’d like you to meet the Guard – proving you can be tough and durable, without foregoing a clean and classy design. Our digital door handles, part of the ENiQ line, safely secure any interior door you place them on, and look good while doing it.

Datasheet Guard

The Slim and Wideline variants

The Slimline is a stylish solution that perfectly matches and enhances the look of modern interiors. It’s suitable for both new and existing doors, including tubular frame doors with small backsets under 25mm. When replacing your existing fittings
for digital handles, the Guard Wideline allows you to save time and money. With its generously proportioned frame, it easily masks any damage or signs of use from previously placed locks. Despite its 56mm wide cover, almost no new drilling holes are needed. The Guard Compact is suitable for existing doors with round oval rosettes. It’s available in both a Slimline and Wideline variant, and models with a rosette can always be overruled with a mechanical key.

DOM ELS wall reader - the new design

The wide range of ENiQ wall readers and writers give you even more freedom and control over your ENiQ Security Ecosystem. From simply opening sliding doors to writing unique access privileges to specific key cards, your wall readers and writers act like extra security personnel across your entire organisation. Making things easier, for you and all your daily users.

Datasheet ACM